ActivOnTM Maximum
Strength Anti-Itch

ActivOnTM Maximum Strength Anti-Itch is a powerful itch relief medication you can buy without a prescription. It comes in a convenient no-touch, no-mess applicator that allows you to apply directly where it itches.

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ActivOnTM Maximum Strength Anti-Itch is specially formulated for relief of pain and itching
associated with:

✓ Minor skin irritations
✓ Minor cuts
✓ Rashes due to poison ivy,
   poison oak or poison sumac

✓ Minor burns
✓ Sunburn
✓ Insect bites
✓ Scrapes

Safe and effective itch relief   •   Invisible upon application   •   No unpleasant odors
Non liquid, non-greasy, non-staining   •   Easy to use and carry

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